Finally available: „Fun, success, job, vocation, free time – all in one!“

Finally available: „Fun, success, job, vocation, free time – all in one!“

BeSource Beobachter.ch – Surveys in Switzerland have shown that around 80 percent of the workforce suffer from stress symptoms. More than a quarter of all employees feel stressed „often“ to „very often“. For the self-employed, at least in the start-up phase of a company – the pressure is even greater. Appointment stress, dense work processes, competitive pressure and fear of failure make it difficult to reconcile work, private life, family, relationships, social activities and hobbies. There can be no talk of a balanced juxtaposition of free time, work, family life, hobbies and enough sleep. The result: Many sufferers become dissatisfied, often even sick. In any case, wellbeing, relationships and family suffer. This is over now – we have the solution for you!

? Find your calling – Do what you love!
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