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Liebscher und Bracht Therapeutin & Mental Coach
“Endlich wieder ein beschwerdefreieres Leben!”

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Martina Pracht

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A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

Here I introduce myself briefly to you personally!

Milestones in my career!

30 years in different industries.

Equestrian sport career and vocational training for the Pferdewirt Focus on race riding (with degree)

  • 1989 -1994

Training as a horse host Focus on racing in Neuss, 1992 Final exam at the Directorate for Thoroughbred breeding and racing in Cologne

1989 -1994
1990 - 1994

45 gallop races ridden with 11 wins, 6 second places, 7 third place finishes

  • 1990 - 1994

Wins in Germany: Baden-Baden, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Neuss, Gelsenkirchen-Horst, Dortmund, Hassloch Switzerland: Lucerne, Aarau, Frauenfeld

Pioneer giant poster on house facades (100-500 sqm)

  • 1997

Product management of the software and distribution of Cinema on Demand software in cable networks to a video on demand software in the Internet Extension to a streaming platform. Content management, support and distribution of approx. 8,000 film rights to key partners (Arcor-Online, QSC, Hansenet) and as an ASP solution in the look & feel of large German portals (Lycos, video taxi) as well as to cable companies (Tele Columbus, Kabel Deutschland , Alba Berlin, CC-Con, Nuremberg, Wilhelm Tel). Restructuring and securing the digitization department.


The first DSL line (3.600, - DM / month) sold in Frankfurt for Talkline.

  • 2000

Head of Coop Sales, wholesale customer acquisition as well as cooperation and technical implementation for the areas of VISP, housing, hosting, leased lines, international VPN, satellite connections as well as mobile communications, fixed network, value-added services, product development for ASP solutions (video conferencing systems).

1. Own company Mobile Application Services

  • 2003

Development, marketing and development of the technology of mobile premium services. "Mobile Application" and the marketing of Ringtones, LOGO, Chat on MTV and VIVA let the company grow fast in the boom of 2003, so that in April 2004 it was successfully taken over 100% by American Greetings Interactive Inc.

2004 - 2007

2. Own company - data protection officer

  • 2004 - 2007

Training as Data Protection Officer and training as "Officer" for qualified electronic digital signature. In the corporate network of SIC Trust GmbH, Essen. Contracts as external data protection officer in cooperation with the IHK`s for auditors, tax consultants with the topics of data protection, online business organization and audits (procedure index, GDPdU).

Director Sales "Semantic Web Technology" - BIG DATA

  • 2007

Acquisition and marketing of software solutions "Semantic Web Technology" in the sectors: banks (AML- Anti Money Laundering), in industry and market research (Risk, Competitor, Trend Monitoring) as well as in the advertising industry: Consumer Inside Monitoring. Extension of license sales in product groups.


Foundation of PRADO Companions GmbH

  • 2009

With proven solutions PRADO supports people who want to permanently build a financial independence with fun and fulfillment in life. Coaching and accompaniment on the way "Find what you love" and will be successful and happy in the foreground! The PRADO can rely on the last 10 years of successful support to companies in the expansion of their business, marketing & sales, business development, interim management, finance and M & A. Focus on technology subsegments in the mobile and Internet industries.


Since 2020 in focus "Mental Body & Health Coaching" with Martina and the team Mental-Power4you.ch


  • Acute complaints
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Physical ailments
  • Emotions topics
  • Anxiety states
  • Panic attacks

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