[DREAMS ? ] – Mission, visions, goals – time to tackle your dreams in concrete terms!

[DREAMS ? ] – Mission, visions, goals – time to tackle your dreams in concrete terms!

Today, dreams, visions and the courage to act are the order of the day! Mass layoffs, digitization, rationalization, restructuring. Nothing stays the way it was, but many people have given up instead of taking the action to start a self-confident, independent life and take the necessary action. They are paralyzed by the “fear of change”.

Beat 54, financial clerk! He tackled it – out of the comfort zone and into a self-determined, free, happy life:
https: //pradocompanions.com/fallstudi …

Your mission is the reason for your existence – “Your life’s work”, “Vocation” or “ZDE – Purpose of existence”, as John Strelecky calls it in his book “Big 5 for Life”. Your vision, mission gives your life a deep meaning, is what drives you out of bed in the morning.

Your mission answers questions like:
* What are the benefits of others that I exist?
* How do I make sense of my life?
* What exactly do I stand for?
* What is my reason for being?
* What makes me happy?
* What motivates me sustainably?

Solution: ? + My promise – your appointment is not free – it is 100% free for you! ☎️

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