[DIGITALIZATION] Industry 4.0 ?

[DIGITALIZATION] Industry 4.0 ? at PRACHT & HOHL in Business Talk

ℹ️ With digitization, industry is experiencing a fundamental paradigm shift. In the age of Industry 4.0, devices, production, sales and logistics are networked and can communicate directly with each other.

Networking everywhere – The big buzzword Industry 4.0 ? could also be equated with the key word „networking“. After all, it is ultimately the networking of the entire value-added chain, from planning through conception to production and distribution, that becomes one big whole. At the same time, networking in the age 4.0 is not limited to companies and the associated production and administration processes, but is transferred to all processes as well as to customers and suppliers.

As a result of the high-grade networking, there are numerous advantages for companies.
The catchword Industry 4.0 as an opportunity. Ultimately, as no segment can escape the digital revolution, business leaders and employees should take advantage of these mega opportunities.

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