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We offer you your tailor-made solution to the problems and challenges in the drastically changed world of work.


  • Wage development: wages and salaries of employees have lagged far behind the growth of private wealth!
  • Wealth distribution: Differences in wealth distribution are growing. Take Germany for example: 45 SUPER empires have as much as the „poorest half“ of the entire population.
  • Employment: 7.7 million employees in Germany work in marginal or temporary jobs or in temporary and temporary work. Almost one in four is affected.
  • Pension provision = time bomb: Germany – A third of the federal budget goes as a subsidy in the pension fund, which is not enough to close the demographic gap.
  • Digitization: Scientists argue about whether and how many jobs are being eliminated by artificial intelligence. Many workers are not fit and prepared for the new professional world 4.0
  • End of the routine: We do a simple job or do routine work on the computer, expect to be replaced by algorithms.


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